How to play craps

how to play crapsIf you are a frequent casino gamer, then you definitely know how to play craps. It is one of those games in which all the players can win together. Unlike other casino games where your fellow gamers are your main opponents, here, you play against the house. It has good odds and it is very exciting as it brings about a lot of screaming and shouting. You cannot fail to identify the craps table even in an overcrowded casino.

What is this game craps?

Craps is the fastest-moving casino table game. The busiest blackjack table will have about 60 hands runs per hour but at a craps table, about 100 decisions are expected every hour. There is a huge range of options one can place a bet on. In fact, craps is the most diversified casino game. That coupled with the fact that the gamers will have many bets happening at the same time necessitates the need for a very large bankroll.

Does this sound scary? Wait till you get to the table. The main aim of casino games is to attract customers and you can, therefore, ask for help. Even with the wide variety of bets to choose from, there are those that will not really be worth your while. The basic idea of craps is that you roll any digit except the number 7. Moving from “never played” to the center of the action can happen very fast.

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The fundamentals of craps

The first thing you need to do is identify an open spot at the table. Well, being a beginner, it would be wise that you avoid those tables that are packed to the brim. Go for the tables that have those bored dealers who are usually waiting for players. At these tables, you will feel more comfortable and any help you require will be provided.

dice in craps how to winAfter you get a spot, request for change from the dealer and then find a spot without numbers and drop your bills. In case there is a shooter already having an established point, one of the number boxes will have a round plastic button. This is translated to mean that a “hand” is already in action. Where no point is established, the puck will be at the center and on top of the area of horn bets. Every dealer’s tableside has one puck.

In order to place a bet, take a red chip, which is basically $5, and put it in that area that reads “Pass”. You then wait for the shooter to toss the dice. This is called the “coming out” roll. If the dice rests on number 7 or 11, you win $5 but you lose on the numbers 2, 3 or 12. All the other numbers; 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 are referred to as the shooter’s point and every player needs the “point” to repeat in order to manage a win on the pass line. The shooter keeps the dice rolling until they make the point, where one wins, or a 7, where one loses the bet. That is basically how to play craps.